Posted on Feb 27, 2019

Academic Associates of Chapel Hill

Does your child dislike or resist reading? If your child struggles to keep up with reading at school, help is available. Now is a perfect time to get help for your child to improve his or her reading skills. Our method works when other methods have failed, and it's backed by science. Our students often advance one or two grade levels in 20-25 hours, because our method is based on the science of how the brain actually learns to read. Here's a note from one grateful parent: "Thank you so much for teaching Jessica and helping her to read better. I could see an improvement in her after the second lesson already and she only kept improving. She always looked forward to lessons with you. It really amazes me how well she reads now and the big words she can read...the best of all is, she loves to read now!"-- Susan S-M. When students are taught all of the 44 sounds of written English in a consistent manner, most can quickly catch on. Many have not had the chance to learn them in pre-school or elementary classes. Call today to learn more about my special offer. One-on-one Instruction, patient, caring teacher. First class is free. Deborah Gorman, 919-967-7516.
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